Adventures in Potty Training Day 3

So yesterday was day three and I kept waiting to update because we had been accident free all day long!!! Then I put Carleigh in bed and about 5minutes later she got up and announced that she had pooped. O well… The day was accident free. Day four she woke up wet, but I think the overnight training will take some time. As a reward for doing so well yesterday I took Carleigh to Kohls and let her pick out one package of big girl underwear – she chose the princess underwear. Since we got home she has been wearing her big girl panties and still no accidents I think the worst really wasn’t that bad in the transition, though I am sure she will have her days. I had to take the box of diapers out of her room because at the end of yesterday she was asking to be put in a diaper, otherwise I still can’t believe how well she is doing.

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