Adventures in Potty Training

Two posts in one day, amazing I know, but really this deserved its own thread so here it goes…

Potty training with Carleigh has been an on and off thing for some time now so I decided to dedicate this week to getting her trained for good. Mat and I have been talking to Carleigh about peeing on the potty and reading books about it for months now but had never taken the time to dedicate days to making the actual switch. After all – diapers are easier when going out.

After visiting with my Uncles Gary and Gary I learned that they had used Julie Felloms “Diaper Free Toddlers Program” and when we got home I started my search online. I am attempting to do the three day program with some twists to it to cater to Carleigh.

Here is a list of my key points:

  • while at home for three days we take away all diapers
  • we put a small trainer toilet in the living room where we spend most of the day so she doesn’t have to leave her toys to pee
  • we made a special song and dance to sing when she makes it to the potty
  • for the first three days I am giving her ample juice and water to make her pee more often
  • if she doesn’t make the toilet I have a stack of rags and cleaner so that she can help clean it up
  • I couldn’t stay in the house ALL day like the system asks, so when we did go out I made sure it was just after her going potty and we wouldn’t stay out for more than an hour, and even then she wore big girl panties
  • when she poos on the potty we have a special reward of fairy sparkles to spray on her arms (thanks tink!)
  • I know the night time will still be hard so just before she goes to bed she will wear a diaper and first thing in the morning she goes on the potty and no more diapers for the day

Day one was much better than expected. I had to put the toilet paper up high so Luke wouldn’t get to it, but Carleigh only had two accidents (very small) and even was ok going to the bathroom at Jason’s House when we went to visit him. I will keep updates as to her progress.

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