Carleigh is almost 2!

I realize with less than a month left until Carleigh turns two I haven’t documented the things she likes at this age… This past year has been filled with baby dolls, dress up, and balls of any shape and size. In the last month we have gotten more chances to play outside and Carleigh is becoming a huge fan of outdoor toys like balls and sidewalk chalk. She still loves coloring and playing with play-doh, but she LOVES to be outside. So last year she loved dogs, and while she still does, she has broadened her love to include many zoo animals like the Mingos (flamingos).

As far as food, Carleigh is trying new foods, but starting to no longer eat the veggies she used to like. I find myself pureeing them just so she will keep eating them. At least she will eat them 😛 She loves fruit snacks, granola bars, pretzles, mandarin oranges and meatloaf. Not too bad a list if I do say so myself.

Life is great with the family and I look forward to the many new likes and changes in both our kiddos.

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