Lake Tahoe – Arrival Day

Yesterday we left for Lake Tahoe for our week long trip to the snow! We’ll be snowboarding at Heavenly ( and having a blast. Carleigh was simply amazing for the drive up! She was only fussy a couple of times when she was hungry and didn’t bother our guests.

We were toting up a lot of luggage, so we borrowed an F250 for the trip, which made the drive comfortable, safe, and although it was a 10 hour drive (including stops) it only seemed like a 4 hour drive! We had 4 adults, their equipment, Carleigh, her “stuff” as well as Tiffany’s family’s ski equipment in the truck. It totaled 5 big cases of luggage, the car seat, “pack and play”, 3 backpacks, 7 snowboards, and 1 pair of skis. All this, and 18 miles per gallon (not calculated… but we will on the return trip)!

Does Carleigh like the snow?

Click to find out:

Heck yeah she does!!!

Loving the cold weather!

What’s all that white stuff???

Suiting up for the cold, and LOVING it!!!

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