The Perfect Day

We had thought about renting kayaks again, or taking a kayak tour today but decided against it as the kayak would simply be a means of transportation to places we could already get to without spending money! Yeah, we’re cheap! We started off by hiking up “sleeping giant” which is a fairly famous trail near Kapa’a. It was really hot since we started off a littler later than expected in the day. We didn’t quite make it to the top, but saw almost all of the views you would from the top in one form or another.

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We decided to turn around because of the heat, and our other plans for hiking. We then went to an unnamed falls (may be called Upper Ho’opi’i Falls) as well as down to Ho’opi’i Falls about a mile away. These were both beautiful waterfalls along the Kapa’a stream and were worth the EASY hikes!

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After that we went to Anahola Bay to play in the water (and get some of our sweat off)! Then we went ‘home’ and cleaned up since we had our Luau tonight. This luau was a THOUSAND times better than the one we went to in Maui on our Honeymoon. We went to the “Smith’s Luau” which we both highly recommend. This luau was on beautiful grounds where you can walk around. Then they had the “Imu” ceremony where they actually get the pig out of the imu (underground oven) for dinner. There was a live band playing typical hawaiian music during dinner, and a show afterward at the theater. The show was another typical Luau scenario where it was a ‘history lesson’ of Luau, and the influence of many Asian cultures on Hawai’i. It was interesting, entertaining, well planned, and well rehearsed with only a couple small hiccups. With all the expensive things to do on the islands for minimal entertainment value, this one is exactly what we were looking for! Did I mention it had an open bar?

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