Almost Time

Today was another great day in Paradise. We started off by driving to the other side of the island to get to Waimea Canyon. This is what they call the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. We have both been to the Grand Canyon before and neither of us thought this looked much like it. The Grand Canyon’s erosion patterns are very distinct creating cliffs resembling huge cracks, not valleys. After reading some Wikipedia on this, it is apparent why. Waimea’s canyons aren’t purely erosion, but also from collapse during fault movement. Don’t get me wrong, it is both beautiful and amazing, but not that similar to the Grand Canyon.

dsc05190 dsc05200 dsc05206

From here we went to the beach and ate lunch. We then passed through Ele’ele on our way back and stopped at the Kauai Coffee estate for the free tour. It was a short self-guided tour, but there was free coffee so I was pleased!

dsc05220 dsc05227 dsc05228

Our tour was followed by going to Spouting Horn/Whaler’s Cove beach where went snorkeling. It was better snorkeling here than anywhere we had previously gone including Kona on our Honeymoon. We had the underwater camera, so those pics will come when we get back and get them developed.


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