Day 4 – Kahului, Maui

Date: January 24th, 2007
Location: Kahului, Maui
Weather: Fantastic

Today we decided to get a car on our own. MISTAKE! Because neither of us are 25 years old, and we paid for a Jeep, unlike the “free upgrade” yesterday!

Other than the cost, we loved it! We took a nice drive around the top part of Maui. We went on a couple roads that a map said rentals were not supposed to travel because of the narrow 1-way bridges.


We drove around the whole north shore stopping often and taking many pictures. There were so many beautiful beaches and bluffs. I have decided this is where Tiffany and I will retire to!


We saw a few wild chickens on our driving excursions as well.


One thing our cheap selves were doing would be to see where the pay tour busses were going and follow them in our rental. On part of our drive we found a turnout with a couple tour vans pulled over and what looked like it led to a couple trails. We HAD to go see what they were doing! A short hike later and we were looking at some waterfalls into pools of warm water. We weren’t dressed for swimming unfortunately because we would have loved to take a dip as it was the warmest this day than any other day on the trip and we had on pants!!!


We then stopped at a few other places, namely a sculpture place, a fruit stand, a place with TRUELY happy cows, and it wasn’t in California!!!


Tonight was our luau which was the only excursion we ended up doing through NCL. The food was delicious and the drinks were free. The drinks were also, however, very watered down! I had some number like 6 Blue Hawaiians and 6 Mai Tai’s and couldn’t feel any buzz. We were a little disappointed by the entertainment though. It wasn’t a typical luau where they did all traditional things, they did more of a ‘history’ of hula and how it became popular on American television. We met a couple on the cruise for their 50th anniversary! There were quite a few at the luau, but the ones at our table looked like they were only in their 50s, so it was hard to believe! They were very nice people!


Tonight’s towel creation was a doggy!


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